About Me

Hi! My name is Yasmina! Some call me Yazzle, Yazzie, or Yaz, but I like to go by the name my mama gave me – Yasmina! I reside in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA. I am a 20-something that has been married for just over 2 years.

I love sushi, working out, socializing until I exhaust myself, making up my own song lyrics, and walking around TJ Maxx (just to look and touch everything – can I get an Amen?). Although, loving God and people is my true passion. More specifically, I love helping others experience the fullness of an abundant life in Christ.
Everyone has a story – a journey unique in and of itself. Yours may contain a lot of laughter and joy or emptiness and pain. My journey is documented here, whether it is the tough decisions I’ve had to make or emotions I’ve had to overcome or the joys I’ve seen as a result of trusting in God. I’ve felt a responsibility to write all the things I’ve learned and continue to learn in my journey as a passionate Christian. I am finally being faithful with what God has put in my hands by putting my thoughts in writing. My goal is to not only honor Him, but also share the hope and thought provoking truths I’ve learned over the years.

I pray that these words would be an encouragement to you!

{Disclaimer: All my opinions are solely my own and are not a reflection of anyone or anything else. They are a result of everything I have personally experienced and believe.}

Photo Credit: @sb_photography {check her out}

Follow my life on Instagram & Twitter: @yasminaprosser
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