The Choice Is Yours

Life is full of choices. You choose what time you will wake up, what you will wear, what you will eat and so on. Our daily lives are defined by the choices we make. They influence the direction and quality of our lives. The question is: are your choices moving you toward God, or away from Him?

As a young Christian, I desired to obtain the fullness of a relationship with Christ. In that pursuit, I quickly realized the choices in alignment with my beliefs would determine the direction of my life. It is one thing to claim Christianity; it’s a completely separate matter to submit your actions and thoughts to the wisdom of God. In other words, knowledge of Christ and submission to Him are not the same.

There were many decisions I had to make (dating, friendship and life style choices), that should have thrown me off course, had I trusted in what THEY had to offer.  However, by the grace of God I continually decided to choose God over any emotion, desire or need that I thought I had.  Without a shadow of a doubt I believe I am here today, still loving God, serving Him and His church because of one factor- I chose God, continually.

I wanted God more than relationships, status, feelings, comfort, and opportunity.

I chose God and His truths, His word, His promises, and His grace. 

Did it feel good?
Absolutely not!

Did I do it perfectly?

Did I always come back around to choosing God?

Was it worth it?
100000000% yes! 

Choosing God and all that encompasses him is a result of going beyond your-self (your human nature) and trusting in who He says He is.

There is a great resource by one of my favorite authors; Lysa Terkeurst called “The Best Yes” in which she describes the importance of our decisions:

“The decisions you make today matter. Every decision points your life in the direction you are about to travel. No decision is an isolated choice. It’s a chain of events. If you choose wisely, your future will reflect that. But if you don’t choose wisely, the decisions you make now will take you to places you don’t want to be later.

I believe a key to unlocking the continual decision to choose God over our human wants and needs is a revelation that you are first and foremost chosen by God- the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

John 15:16 Jesus says “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit- fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

In fact, did you know that BEFORE you were in your mother’s womb that God KNEW you? That before you were even BORN God set you apart? (Jeremiah 1:5)

HE CHOSE YOU. He chose you to be in relationship with him and to do mighty things for his kingdom. He chooses you every day you wake up to take on another day. He chose you when you were in the darkest places in life. God chose you even when you made a decision against Him.  He chooses you, continually!

My friend, He has GOOD things in store for you, plans that you couldn’t even fathom, deep relationships, and the best opportunities. However, to tap into those “GOD” things, you have to choose him….again and again and again. It’s continual. It has its moments of difficulty and pain, but trust me when I say there is FREEDOM on the other side. God knows that and so does the devil.  This is why we have to help each other and push each other to keep choosing God in the midst of temptation. We have to choose Him. If we don’t there is a chance our lives could go in a very different direction then we could have ever imagined.

So, whatever choices you are facing today, tomorrow, this week and on – I pray that you will say yes to God and no to the world- that you would choose God, continually.


Choice Final


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